Terrestrial RNPS

Terrestrial Wireless Remote Network and Powering

View Into The Blue™ RNPS-E-T Series of enclosures are fully autonomous powering and network solutions for installations where power and network
is not available. Similar to our marine wireless RNPS systems, the RNPS-E-T Series of enclosures are simply mounted on a steel or aluminum pole that has been set in a concrete foundation. The RNPS-E-T Series operate on low voltage DC (24-48VDC), and include photovoltaic modules (solar panels), DIN-rail breakers, wireless radios, and mounting hardware. Unlike the marine series of wireless RNPS systems, no additional battery enclosure (RNPS-B Series) is required as the systems are integrated with AGM sealed batteries. Three sizes of RNPS-E-T Series enclosures are available, 1250 watt-hour, 2500 watt-hour, and 5000
watt-hour (which comes with a web-based battery monitoring system).

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