Underwater Science Nodes

Data Probes

View Into The Blue™ Science Nodes offer a suite of low cost probes that
measure a variety of water and atmospheric variables over an IP network.
Our systems provide live streaming data available to any web-enabled
device anywhere on the globe.

Science Node
Underwater Science Node Systems (SN Series): Data Collection Systems

View Into The Blue™ Underwater Science Nodes are built using a pressure
chamber rated to 200 meters. Chamber comes complete with network switch,
DC voltage converters, and a full range of modular breakouts for
lighting systems, cameras, and other serial instruments. Science node
interface comes with web server, data logger, XML css feeds,
customizable dashboards. Full website integration available upon
request. Smartphone and desktop apps can be customized to fit customers
branding and marketing. View Into The Blue™ Underwater Science Nodes
become a network hub, powered safely and simply with a single, hybrid,
polyurethane underwater cable. Variable length cable whips (up to 100
meters long) for peripheral instruments and cameras can be wet-mated to
the pressure chamber for easy deployment.

SN-1 Specifications:

Accuracy: Sensor ±0.1,
pH, Salinity, Temp, DO

Housing Depth
: 200 meters

Power Supply: Safe, 48VDC
with 12VDC, 24VDC
Breakout Boards.

Built in Web Server

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