Marine RNPS

Marine Wireless Remote Network and Powering

The RNPS-E-W Series of electronic enclosures and accompanying RNPS-B24 Series of battery enclosures together offer a complete solution for installations where cabling shore power and network is not feasible. Three sizes of RNPS-E-W Series enclosures are available (1250 watt-hour, 2500 watt-hour, and 5000 watt-hour), based upon the powering needs of the instruments and cameras being deployed. The enclosures can be mounted on shore or on static structures such as pilings, docks, channel markers, or on buoys.

The RNPS-E-W Series operate on low voltage DC (24-48VDC), and include photovoltaic modules (solar panels), a web-based battery monitoring system, DIN-rail breakers, wireless radios,and mounting hardware. Electronics are housed in IP66 rated enclosures.Fully submersible enclosures with wet mate connectors can be supplied for additional cost. An additional battery enclosure (RNPS-B Series) with AGM sealed batteries is required with all RNPS-E-W systems. Five options for battery enclosures are offered, depending on the type of deployment.

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