Long Distance Repeaters

Long distance cable runs for streaming video over IP networks become
problematic over 100 meters. VITB’s Long Distance Repeater (LDR) solves
this problem allowing for cable distances over 1000 meters. Acting as a
plug-and-play network and powering hub, multiple cameras systems,
additional lighting units, and peripherals such as acoustic receivers
can be connected at the end of a cable run to the Long Distance Repeater
using wet-mate connectors. Available as a stand-alone instrument (LDR),
or available with data probes (LDR-SN-1).

Designed to be used with two of the Pelican™ Case Cabled RNPS for mobile or temporary installations (RNPS-E-P500w-24VDC or RNPS-E-P480w-AC) or any of the Marine Wireless Remote Network and Powering RNPS-E-W
Series of electronic enclosures. An umbilical cable is run from the
RNPS to the LDR, and short cable whips to cameras or peripherals.
Science node microprocessors can be housed in the LDR, with probes
attaching directly by wet-mate connectors or with short cable whips
(depending on the customer’s preference).

Long Distance repeater
LDR Peripherals

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