About Us

Underwater Webcams – Who are We

Underwater Webcams are a distributor for View into The Blue. View into the Blue designs, manufactures, and commercially offers innovative, self-cleaning IP network camera housings, submersible data collection tools, and communication solutions for remote locations. These products demonstrate excellence in design and engineering, and offer solutions for deployment of surveillance and science equipment in challenging environments.

What We Do

View into The Blue developed the world’s first self-cleaning technologies for a growing market in underwater video surveillance and has extended its patent-pending technology to above-water applications where cleaning flat port or dome glass is a necessity. The CleanSweep™ technology also extends to customized scientific equipment such as turbidity and spectrophotometric instruments.

With many locations being remote, and in locations where network cabling is problematic, View into The Blue customers have benefited from state-of the art wireless solutions and offshore communication buoys. They lead the market in customer satisfaction and support, and offer patent-pending products that are unavailable from any other global company.

View into The Blue has developed innovative technologies that allow customers to utilize the highest quality network cameras on the market in environments where water, mist, ice, dust, and other debris currently hamper high-definition video streaming. From video surveillance to scientific research, View into the Blue provides solutions to your technology needs and Underwater Webcams are proud to be working with them.

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